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Dining area

Delight in a great sensation of space and privacy that exudes an aura of lightness and ease.

Seamlessly sculpted interconnections and perforations of space invite in a beautiful play of light and air. Nature feels close in maximised views and in double and triple volume living and dining areas that open out to a private garden and pool. Thoughtful site planning provides a generous distance between each house, ensuring the utmost privacy.

There is a simplicity and honesty in the design of Naruma, in the inherent beauty of the materials, and the effortless quality of free-flowing space that quietly and elegantly fulfils the functions of home.

— Ko Shiou Hee, Principal of K2LD Architects

1 / 4 Dry kitchen – simplicity, efficiency and elegance
2 / 4 Bathe in natural light from the adjacent open-to-sky shower (Plot 13B only)
3 / 4 Bedroom with en suite bathroom, separated by switchable glass sliding doors
4 / 4 Master Suite overlooks the estate from an elevated vantage point (actual view shown)

Crafted Quality

Experience the immaculate form and functionality of the world’s most celebrated lifestyle brands.


Elegance And Performance

The perfect combination of impeccable style and function.